Rule of thumb: If you make somebody money, you should get a cut.


Working as a freelancer while studying is tough, especially if you're underpaid. You probably have no idea how much other people are charging, and it's probably a lot more than you.


Why clients love freelance students:

Also, if a client is taking you on for one project, it means that they're not hiring somebody part/full time to do it. They don't need to worry about your taxes or health plan. As such, most freelancers charger more than their contracted friends, and companies are happy because they're still saving money.



Real Numbers:

For anybody really struggling to get a number from this, just imagine you're a business. €20/hr doesn't cover it, €50/hr barely does. You don't get paid time off, you need to pay for your own equipment and you're not sure when the next job will come along.

A client can go to a film production company and get charged €3k for a day shoot, or they can get you. Know how much you're saving them, if they've just been quoted €3k, then €1k is a great deal.