Slingshot exists to give all young people the chance of a great third-level education



Slingshot was created by a group of college students in July 2014. Our purpose is to create a


movement where college students can simply meet and mentor 15 – 19 years in the areas


of STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), Finance & Entrepreneurship.



10,000+ students in Ireland leave college within their first eight months in study. Secondly


areas in Ireland have as low as 20% of people entering third-level. We want to change that.


We believe by connecting 15 – 19 year olds with exceptional college students, we can turn


the tide for the in every six students who drop out and bring the road of college who may


get to experience it otherwise.

How we do this

Slingshots core function is to connect 15 – 19 years from low areas of entry to college with


exceptional college students who can act as the bridge between secondary school and




With this guidance we believe that a young person’s mindset will change completely on


their future path.

Slingshot Academy works in two ways for young people

Every November, Slingshot hosts three large gatherings in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. Here we


bring hundreds of the world's top college students together to create a forum through which


secondary school students have the chance to select a college student as a mentor and be guided


by them for free over the next six months and beyond.



Slingshot has a brand new online platform where you can access weekly videos of the best


college advice from all over Ireland. Log on every week to get the latest news from college students


speaking about their subjects & campuses across the country.



The core areas we focus on in education is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths),


Finance and Entrepreneurship.


How do I find an academy to attend?

Simply apply on the “Academy” page.

What is Slingshot Academy?

Slingshot Academy is a social enterprise that connects 15 - 19 year old students who engage in a focused, short term mentoring programme with exceptional college students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths).


Can I be a mentor in final year?

Yes! The majority of our past mentors have been in final year. We find that mentors in final year tend to get the most out of the academy and particularly value the impact they have on these young people.


Can I be a mentor after recently graduating?

Yes! We accept recent graduates who have completed third-level in the last 3 years.


What am I expected to do as a college mentor?

As mentor, if accepted, you will be expected to prepare a presentation or take part in leading a panel discussion and/or workshop for a group of 65+ secondary school students at a minimum of one academy in 2016.


Slingshots content team will work with you closely on this process to make sure you’re fully supported.

What are the benefits of becoming a mentor?

In addition to making a significant social impact within society you’ll have the opportunity to test your public speaking and organisation skills. Many of our mentors have gone onto to work with some fantastic companies in Ireland and abroad due to participating in Slingshot Academy.

What are the benefits of attending Slingshot as a secondary school student?

Slingshot Academy will give you a real insight into the world of third-level and the rapidly popular courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Finance.

How much does it cost?

Slingshot Academy is completely free to attend.

How much does it cost?

Slingshot Academy is completely free to attend.

How is Slingshot Academy Funded?

By our wonderful supporters!